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How Medicare Services At Home Differ From At-Home Medicaid


When asked how they would like to receive long term care services many consumers, probably most, indicate they would like to receive them at home. Expectations for extensive help at home with government support often exceed what is available and this, considering shortages in available health care workers and limited funding is likely to continue. […]

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Is Inheriting a House a Blessing or a Possible Curse?

Inheriting a House

A funny weekly comedy on CBS, depending on your taste, “Ghosts” tells the story of a young woman who inherited a house with no prior notice from her now deceased relative. She and her husband traveled to her new found but old, dilapidated acquisition and, following a near fatal confrontation with the worn electrical system, […]

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Three Midnights Could Decide Your Health Care Coverage


With more than twenty years as an elder law attorney I have come to realize both how easy (or difficult) it might be to obtain health care coverage under certain circumstances and also how easily coverage can be lost due to what might be regarded as minor differences in description of conditions or lack of […]

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Medicare, Medicaid or Hospice for At-Home Care

Turning 65 - Clearing Up Confusion on Social Security and Medicare

If you are seeking at-home care assistance for a family member that is paid either in full or in part by the government you can find that the system is complicated and, unless your loved one fits within one of the designated categories, you may be limited to paying from your family member’s asset or […]

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