Long-Term Care

Care Coordination –Life Care Planning

One Stop Shopping –  Do you ever wish there were ONE PLACE you could go to for answers to all your elder care needs?  We did.  This is our story and how we ended here.  When my brother, Jeff Jones (now my business partner with Life Transition Services, LLC – see About Us) and I were searching for help for our mother we came to the same conclusion.  We wanted ANSWERS.  We wanted them NOW and we wanted everything to work together.  We did not want to go to several different offices and we wanted to know our mother was receiving proper care.  We wanted to know how to pay for it.

Life Care Planning means having a full time Care Coordinator on staff to act along with the attorney to advocate for proper care for our clients.  Diana Chryst has been our full time Care Coordinator since December, 2006.

We handle legal, financial and care in one place and can walk with you each step of the way.