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Medicare, Medicaid or Hospice for At-Home Care

Turning 65 - Clearing Up Confusion on Social Security and Medicare

If you are seeking at-home care assistance for a family member that is paid either in full or in part by the government you can find that the system is complicated and, unless your loved one fits within one of the designated categories, you may be limited to paying from your family member’s asset or […]

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Should You Decide On A Trust or a Will?

Sometimes we receive calls at the office requesting a Will with estate documents (Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power and Living Will also referred to as Advanced Directives). In that case a potential client might say “I don’t want anything complicated. Just the basics.” Sometimes, often after having heard a speaker either in person […]

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At Home Services Are Different Between Medicare and Medicaid

Health Care Dialogue Continues

One of the great confusions when seeking access to government health benefits is the similarity between the words “Medicare” and “Medicaid.” Even seasoned professionals in the field sometimes slip and use one word instead of the other. There are major differences between the two programs and one area where this becomes very clear is in […]

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Supreme Court Case Examines Right to Sue Regarding Nursing Home Care

A case currently before the U.S. Supreme Court could decide whether Medicaid beneficiaries and their families can obtain relief for some nursing home violations in federal court or be left to filing a complaint with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  The case of Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC) […]

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