The Medicaid rules have become more complex since we began working in this area 19 years ago.  If you are confused, you have lots of company but we can help.  Our practice is limited to elder law including Medicaid and Medicare, special needs, and estate planning and estate administration and we actually have Medicaid applications granted.  We do not just work on the documents.

What most people want to know is when they need to start looking for answers to pay for long term care. If medical bills are affecting your finances or may be in the near future, even if you do not believe you or your spouse or parent qualify for Medicaid now, you should come in for a consultation now. We can tell you whether you need to be concerned and how you can plan and we can, if you want, walk with you each step of the way.

We also review long term care insurance policies and admission agreements to continuing care retirement communities.  Medicaid is one tool that can be used to pay for care.  There are others and we are prepared to deal with these, too.