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What Working From Home and Social Distancing Is Like


It is amazing what difference a week can make in handling an elder law practice or any business for that matter.  As I am sitting here in my home operating from a “remote location,” I consider how different the world can be from what we have been used to.  In the past week several orders […]

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How Planning Helps in Dealing With COVID-19

The current struggles dealing with COVID-19 bring to mind our vulnerabilities as a society but also cause reflection on how to deal with crisis and unexpected emergencies.  I suggest it is by having a plan or maybe several plans depending on how circumstances play out.  One of the problems we have had now nationally is […]

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What Is the Best State for Long Term Care

Best State for Long Term Care

If your parents live in Connecticut, you live in Pennsylvania and your brothers and sisters live in California and New York, chances are you may have had “the conversation” discussing with your parents where they might live if one of them needs long term care.  It is not just a question whether they might leave […]

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Assisting With Senior Care – Has Anything Changed?

Long Term Care Costs

On July 9, 2019, I submitted a column to the Daily Local News discussing changes, if any regarding payment for long term care for seniors. With another presidential election coming up I found the column again.  This is what it said. Over the holiday weekend I had a chance to handle some cleanout at home including […]

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Why You Need More to Retire Than You Think

Retirement Savings

Some people approach retirement planning like an extended math problem.  Frankly, many financial advisors do as well and with good reason.  There are so many “unknowables” that the only way to wrestle the decision to the ground is to make some general assumptions and then follow them down the line.  For instance, in no particular […]

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Why Smart People Don’t Recognize Financial Infidelity

Financial Infidelity

I have to admit I never recognized the term “financial infidelity” until recently but it does make sense. The expression recognizes the blindness many of us have in relationships to the spending habits of partners and the effect it has on our own finances. Take the case of a recently widowed or divorced individual who […]

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E-Mail Estate Misinformation – Problems and Answers

Lately it has come to my attention that the most current methods of communication today not only can lead to confusion and misunderstanding but also unnecessary dissension and inefficiency.  Twitter comes to mind but emails can be among the worst. It might seem this is not a problem for businesses or for attorneys but that […]

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What To Do When Inheriting a House

Inheriting a House

A recent article in Elder Law Answers,, an online publication for lawyers and clients, caught my attention mostly because it raised issues I had not thought of explaining in detail to clients.  The article was titled “When Inheriting Real Estate, Consider Your Options.”  Sometimes we as estate attorneys deal with  issues that are so […]

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Major Changes to IRAs and Retirement Plans In Effect Now

IRA and Retirement Account

The 2020 New Year brought with it major changes to IRA’s, 401(k)’s and retirement planning generally for millions of Americans.  The SECURE Act, also known as Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement Act, was one of the few noteworthy changes of 2019 in the financial services industry, passing the U.S. House and then the […]

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Clean Out – A New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions have a way of repeating themselves.  There are the healthy ones like the promise to exercise.  The recent Peloton commercials with one fit woman, and now, women and men furiously riding their exercise bikes fit that category. Then there are resolutions to be kinder or to spend less and earn more and […]

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Should You Tell Your Children Their Inheritances?


So, as you approach the New Year, you decided to take out your old Wills which were drafted when your children were toddlers and then to add to that new Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney and Living Wills or Advance Health Care Directives.  You make arrangements to visit your attorney and you decide […]

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Home From the Hospital – What Services Are Covered


You just arrived home from the hospital and were told some services could be covered by the Medicare program at your residence.  What are they and what other services that might not be covered by Medicare could still be helpful at home?  Here is a summary. OT, PT, and Home Health.  Occupational therapy (commonly referred […]

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HIPAA, Medical Privacy and Project Nightingale

HIPAA and Medical Privacy

The Wall Street Journal and several medical sources reported recently that Google and Ascension, a nonprofit considered to be the second largest health system in the U.S. have entered into a project “to collect and crunch the detailed personal-health information of millions of people across 21 states.”  See “Googles ‘Project Nightingale’ Gathers Personal Health Data […]

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Can Your Bank Refuse Your Power of Attorney?

Durable financial Power of Attorney

If you find it more difficult in recent years to have your Power of Attorney recognized by banks and financial institutions than previously, it might help to know some of the history behind both changes in the law and in attitude.  Under Act 95, a Power of Attorney law passed in 2014, substantial changes were […]

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Deal Kindly With Unequal Inheritances


When a parent is inclined to leave a child out of her Will, it can lead to unintended consequences.  Disinheriting one or more children is usually not recommended if for no other reason than continuing family discord after your death.  However, relationships are complicated and, if your intent is serious, before taking that step there […]

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