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Medicare, Medicaid or Hospice for At-Home Care

Turning 65 - Clearing Up Confusion on Social Security and Medicare

If you are seeking at-home care assistance for a family member that is paid either in full or in part by the government you can find that the system is complicated and, unless your loved one fits within one of the designated categories, you may be limited to paying from your family member’s asset or […]

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Should You Decide On A Trust or a Will?

Sometimes we receive calls at the office requesting a Will with estate documents (Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power and Living Will also referred to as Advanced Directives). In that case a potential client might say “I don’t want anything complicated. Just the basics.” Sometimes, often after having heard a speaker either in person […]

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Do You Really Want To Handle Probating An Estate On Your Own?

Creative Use Of Real Estate

You might have a job or just have retired and you learn suddenly that your Great Aunt Lucy died and named you Executor of her Will. How hard could it be you ask to resolve an estate by yourself without professional advice or a competent professional beside you? You might decide to strike out on […]

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When Your Children Do Not Want What You Have

Michelle Singletary, a regular columnist with the Washington Post, recently penned a Personal Finance column comically titled “Our kids don’t want our paid-off house – or our ashes…” See Advice by Michelle Singletary, house/ November 17, 2023. The gist of the article was, as might be imagined, the idea that some of the possessions […]

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What You Need To Know About Your Credit Score

Credit scores are mentally placed in a category both unknown and unknowable. This is pretty remarkable considering most average Americans can locate their credit score (or more properly their credit scores since there are many of them) through online searches. This can be accomplished either through an online service such as Credit Karma or by […]

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Your Estate Plan Does Not End With a Will

ruin estate plan

Last year I began the New Year with a column reminding readers that a Will is not the same as an Estate Plan. The thought was important enough – and still is – that I thought it worthwhile to repeat and add to it. When you chose to write a Will you have taken an […]

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