Would You Want To Become a Social Security Expert?

Social Security File and Suspend

Social Security benefits questions often leave the average American confused. It is true that, when you venture into the thornier issues like what is the total benefit when claiming on your record and your spouse’s or how is a government pension offset provision handled, then even some of the more studious types need to sit […]

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Simple Wills Often Can Tackle Complex Personal Issues

When you have drafted as many Wills as I have and then, later, handled estates for some of them it can become clear that simple wills may carry with them complex issues that are all but invisible to the uninitiated reader. One reason for complexity is the fact that underlying relationships, generally speaking, cannot adequately […]

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Muddling Through Is Stressful With Post Covid Changes


For several months now at least it has come to my attention that the stresses people are subject to post-COVID are very different from the stressors most of us experienced before. This is important to my law practice partially because, as an elder law attorney, my office is dealing with clients often under stress either […]

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How Medicare Services At Home Differ From At-Home Medicaid


When asked how they would like to receive long term care services many consumers, probably most, indicate they would like to receive them at home. Expectations for extensive help at home with government support often exceed what is available and this, considering shortages in available health care workers and limited funding is likely to continue. […]

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Divorce Can Ruin an Estate Plan – What to Do


Just when you thought you had everything planned for your estate down to the last beneficiary designations and the age at which your children would inherit, you might find an unpleasant reality that slips in not only to wreck your day to day living but also how your assets are to be distributed if you […]

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Elder Scams Come of Age With Recent Technology

A recent online article from the Association of Health Care Journalists detailed problems associated with common scams and noted increased levels of sophistication employed by the scammers. While it recognized that “Elder scams are nothing new… It also went on to state ‘But artificial intelligence has made them elder scams so sophisticated that it’s increasingly […]

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Pennsylvania Primary Election Has Early April Date

Pennsylvania Primary Election USA

For those of us who are used to Pennsylvania primary elections occurring in May, this year may be somewhat confusing. Our primary election bears an early arrival date of April 23 which is this coming Tuesday. To add somewhat to the confusion, the primary date of April 23 also occurs on the first day of […]

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Informed Decisions Require Information Regarding Individual Circumstances


About every two weeks or so I receive a phone call at the office or an email asking what to do in a given situation. Often the question or questions concern care for a parent or spouse or financial issues such as “should I transfer assets to children,” or “what options are there if I […]

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Is Inheriting a House a Blessing or a Possible Curse?

Inheriting a House

A funny weekly comedy on CBS, depending on your taste, “Ghosts” tells the story of a young woman who inherited a house with no prior notice from her now deceased relative. She and her husband traveled to her new found but old, dilapidated acquisition and, following a near fatal confrontation with the worn electrical system, […]

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Three Midnights Could Decide Your Health Care Coverage


With more than twenty years as an elder law attorney I have come to realize both how easy (or difficult) it might be to obtain health care coverage under certain circumstances and also how easily coverage can be lost due to what might be regarded as minor differences in description of conditions or lack of […]

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Legislation Introduced to Eliminate Medicaid Estate Recovery


On March 6, 2024 U.S. Representative Janice Schakowksy, Representative from Illinois and Chief Deputy Whip and Ranking Member of the House Innovation, Data and Commerce Subcommittee, introduced a bill to totally eliminate Medicaid estate recovery. For those affected by the program it was a major move and this was the Congresswoman’s second attempt. Although in […]

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New Federal Law For Corporations Requires Filing With Treasury

In case there were not enough corporate laws requiring disclosures and filings a relatively new federal law passed by Congress and made effective January 1, 2024 will affect many small companies and require disclosure of the company’s “beneficial owners.” The law labelled the Corporate Transparency Act aims to combat illicit activities such as tax evasion […]

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What You Should Know When an Executor Sells a House


You could have been named Executor in a Will or you could be a prospective buyer of what has been a family residence. From the perspective of an Executor/Executrix, selling the family house can be one of the most significant and one of the most demanding jobs associated with settling his/her parent’s estate. Arranging for […]

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Should You Place Conditions on Inheritances


When it comes time to write your Will you might have certain specific goals in mind. Some of those goals can outlive your own life. How far you can control from the grave is a subject of regular concern. You might want your granddaughter, Allison, to get married or your son, John, finally to graduate […]

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Medicare, Medicaid or Hospice for At-Home Care

Turning 65 - Clearing Up Confusion on Social Security and Medicare

If you are seeking at-home care assistance for a family member that is paid either in full or in part by the government you can find that the system is complicated and, unless your loved one fits within one of the designated categories, you may be limited to paying from your family member’s asset or […]

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