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Muddling Through Is Stressful With Post Covid Changes


For several months now at least it has come to my attention that the stresses people are subject to post-COVID are very different from the stressors most of us experienced before. This is important to my law practice partially because, as an elder law attorney, my office is dealing with clients often under stress either […]

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How Old Is Old Depends On the Individual

Elder Law Attorneys and Financial Planners

As an elder law attorney the question inevitably arises in my practice “what is old?” Is old a specific age beyond which you can be expected to decline physically and mentally from then on out? If such an age exists what is that age? I have not defined it to date and have seen many […]

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What Certification Means In Elder Law

Recently, I had the opportunity to review my Certification in Elder Law, a designation referred to as Certified Elder Law Attorney or CELA, and it occurred to me that many, probably most, people do not know what certification in elder law means or how attorneys receive that designation. There are only about 500 Certified Elder […]

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Plan Early But Keep Changing the Plan to Age Well

Many of the plans our office handles are what we call “crisis plans.” While crisis planning may seem a contradiction in terms the thought being that, if there had been planning there would not be a crisis, this is not necessarily so. Stuff happens. Plans change. After thinking through a well considered plan for future […]

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