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CLIO Conference Updates On Legal Technology


Although it is possible to continue to practice law without relearning legal technology on a regular basis I never thought that was a good idea. The end result is that at least once annually I travel to a lawyers’ technology conference, CLIO CON specifically, to update my knowledge and see what new practices and strategies […]

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Can A Pennsylvania Lawyer Practice Law While In Florida?


Some time ago I wrote a column regarding “Practicing Law Out of Place,” see March 29, 2022. Recently the Pennsylvania Bar News, a newspaper of the Pennsylvania Bar Association published a similar article titled “Staying Out of Trouble While Out of State,” October 9, 2023 edition, by Andrew M. Lamberton, Esq. and Paul C. Troy, […]

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Health Insurance Approaching Retirement Can Be Complicated


If you are one of many Americans anticipating retirement one serious and often unanswered question is how your change in status might affect your health care coverage. It is not a casual question. Here are some issues and possibilities. Your employer, especially if you have worked for a major corporation, might have a retiree plan […]

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What Can Happen When the Law Meets Artificial Intelligence


It seems sometimes that everywhere you go and in every news media you consult a major subject of interest is Artificial Intelligence otherwise known as AI. What AI is and what it means for the future has been the subject of television interviews such as the one appearing on the popular television program “Sixty Minutes” […]

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It’s Time To Go Back To School


Last weekend, while trying to set an appointment for a haircut I noticed every salon had at least a one hour wait or more. “Back to school” the hairdresser noted. She was right. Parents were getting their elementary and high school students ready to go back. While living in a “college town,” I could hardly […]

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The Problems We Have Naming Contingent Beneficiaries


When planning your estate rarely will you experience difficulty naming your initial beneficiary or beneficiaries for your Will, IRA’s or life insurance. This observation is almost certain when it comes to designating your spouse if you have been in a long standing committed relationship. Also, when it comes to naming successor or contingent beneficiaries in […]

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These Are Common Estate and Medicaid Myths


Since estate issues, one way or another, affect everyone over time (since death does) and since Medicaid planning has for many years been a topic of popular conversation – and popular misconceptions in the U.S., it is not unusual that both subjects have generated misunderstandings and, in some cases, folklore that has persisted. This continues […]

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When Is the Right Time for Hospice Care


Some time ago an excellent on-line publication, Next Avenue, dedicated to providing information for seniors, caregivers and those on their way to some day becoming seniors, published an article titled “When Is the Right Time for Hospice Care?” by John F. Wasik. The author had personal experience in that his father had been admitted and […]

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Two Recent Supreme Court Consumer Cases Affect Seniors


In a rare demonstration of solidarity the Justices of the United States Supreme Court recently joined in a unanimous decision which ultimately favored an elderly woman regarding a tax sale of her property. The case was at least the second in the past few months that favored private rights under the U.S. Constitution and laws […]

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These Are Considerations If Senior Community Is In Your Future


By now, if you are a senior, you have probably received marketing materials enticing you to move to a senior community whether in Pennsylvania or in another state – Florida, North Carolina, anyone? Especially if you live in an older home in a neighborhood undergoing multiple remodels these solicitations may come at the same time […]

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The Risks and Considerations Involved In Cohabitation


Taking a simple Wikipedia definition, “cohabitation” is described as “an arrangement where people who are not married, usually couples, live together.” It goes on to state “hey are often involved in a romantic or sexually intimate relationship on a long term or permanent basis.” However, the same source goes on to state that, “ore broadly, […]

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Advice Column Triggers Negative Response For Elderly Woman


Over the weekend I read an advice column on-line connected with a major well-known newspaper. It was the kind where readers type in their concerns and problems and await a hopefully positive response. This request, from an older woman was unfortunately, from her perspective, not well received. Except, possibly, for my typed-in response, the answers […]

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The Federal Student Loan Decision Discussed


Student loans have received a lot of attention lately in light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision invalidating President Biden’s partial loan forgiveness program. The Court’s official summary stated in the case of Biden v. Nebraska et al. decided June 30, 2023, described the issues for the majority as follows: “Title IV of the […]

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Answering Should I Add My Child’s Name To My Deed


Some questions tend to repeat themselves over time to the point as a practitioner I see them coming. One of those is “Should I add my child’s name to my Deed?” A closely related question is “Should I transfer the house to my son or daughter?” Although my usual answer to asset and estate questions […]

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Judge Jackson’s Majority Decision Affirms A Private Right


Last November I wrote a column regarding a case that was on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The case, as I described it then Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC) v. Talevski, was considering whether a private right exists for individuals to sue in federal court where a government operated Medicaid […]

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