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PACE and PACENET Prescription Rules Relaxed

PACE and PACENET Prescription

A very recent change in the law for qualifying for PACE and PACENET prescription drug assistance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can make many thousands more Pennsylvanians eligible for help. PACE and PACENET are well-known programs administered by the State that help seniors faced with high prescription drug costs.  One of the main qualifying factors […]

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See Your Folks’ Site Encourages Family Interaction

One message I did not expect to find recently in browsing through Twitter postings was a link to Ryan Holmes of Hoot Suite fame and his commentary on work-life balance and seeing your elder parents more often.  After all, Twitter is a social media networking and microblogging service and Hoot Suite is a social media […]

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Deciding When Nursing Home Care Is Needed

When Nursing Home Care is Needed

To listen to and read about care for seniors and the seriously disabled, you might develop the impression that everyone can be cared for at home with only a few minor adjustments.  While it is safe to say that, as an elder law attorney, I rarely hear people coming to my office saying “Everything is […]

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Medicaid, Nursing Homes and Myths

medicaid nursing home

Having worked with families for many years who are confronting long term care, I have to admit I see some changes.  The most significant have to do with some of the myths surrounding care.  What has not changed is denial. Here are some of the major myths today. I’ll never get sick but if I […]

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Insights As Elder Law Attorneys Meet in Texas

Sometimes people wonder what difference it makes to belong to a national organization in your field.  I would answer for elder law attorneys that the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), the grandfather of elder law organizations to which I belong, it does matter.   It matters because the national organization gives the “broad view” […]

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Know When To Use Revocable Or Irrevocable Trusts

In dealing with Medicaid structuring and estate planning, I am often asked whether a trust could be the answer. Trusts are not an easy subject to understand.  There are different kinds and the laws and regulations keep changing.  Even when we have the right answers, Congress or a state legislature or a Court decision may […]

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Should You Tell Your Children What They Will Inherit?

So, it is after the beginning of the New Year and you have decided to redraft your old Will and Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney along with your Living Will or Advance Health Care Directive.  The next question to ask yourself is “Should I tell my children?” The question is not as easy […]

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