If it is about long term care, health decisions and/or money, we can help. Depending on the study you read, two of three Americans sometimes lose sleep over finances with health care (35%) and retirement fears (40%) topping the list.

We use legal strategies to stretch funds including government benefits (Medicaid, VA benefits) to provide care for aging family members and special needs children. We draft estate documents (wills, powers of attorney) and family agreements. We plan and administer both simple and complicated estates. We have a full time Care Coordinator on staff to review and make suggestions regarding care in nursing homes and personal care and we are here to help you sleep well at night.


W9 Definitive Answers to Long Term Care Questions That Steal Sleep and Cause Worry!

JANET COLLITON has been a weekly columnist on Elder Law issues for the Daily Local News newspaper, West Chester, PA for the past 19 years. See columns below or review archive on the right for past columns.

Consider Mediation for Elder Disputes

Sometimes families reach a stalemate where a parent’s future and the management of assets is involved. Warring family members can challenge who cares for Mom or where parents should live when they cannot live at [...]

How to Handle Lower Social Security Benefits for Women

When a husband and wife come into my office and we review assets and income, very often I would find the husband’s Social Security to be $2,400 a month or more and his wife’s benefit [...]