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Should You Place Conditions on Inheritances


When it comes time to write your Will you might have certain specific goals in mind. Some of those goals can outlive your own life. How far you can control from the grave is a subject of regular concern. You might want your granddaughter, Allison, to get married or your son, John, finally to graduate […]

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Should You Decide On A Trust or a Will?

Sometimes we receive calls at the office requesting a Will with estate documents (Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power and Living Will also referred to as Advanced Directives). In that case a potential client might say “I don’t want anything complicated. Just the basics.” Sometimes, often after having heard a speaker either in person […]

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How Do You Know When You Need a Trust?


Trusts are sometimes offered as a “cure all” solution to estate planning problems. It is true that some issues lend themselves to the use of trusts. It is also true, however, that there are states like Pennsylvania, where a trust is not generally necessary and a simple Will will work just as well. So in […]

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When You Might Go to Court Because of a Trust

Courthouse Becuase of Trust

Here is a situation you might consider. Your great-great Uncle Cyrus named you as a beneficiary of a Trust established by his Will. Every month (or quarter or year) you receive a distribution that you await with anticipation. You never actually read the documents but you know your cousins have been complaining recently because the […]

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Why Revocable or Irrevocable Trusts for Estate Planning

trust estate planning

In dealing with Medicaid structuring and estate planning, I am often asked whether a trust could be the answer. Trusts are not an easy subject to understand.  Even with right answers, changes in laws, regulations and Court decisions could change the answer. Here are some ideas. Revocable (Living) Trusts.  A revocable trust can be changed […]

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