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Options To Consider When Inheriting A House


Sometimes parents want to benefit one of their children by leaving the house to him/her.  This can be what sometimes has been referred to as a “mixed blessing.”  For one thing the conditions that were in effect  at the time of drafting the Will might no longer be applicable.  The child might not want the […]

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Voting By Mail – A Postscript


Last week, recognizing the importance of voting in this election for seniors and, in fact, for voters of every age, I drafted my column with step by step instructions for mail in balloting.  It must have hit a nerve since I received responses and this seemed like a good time to address some of them […]

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Voting By Mail – Step by Step Instructions


At this point Chester County and many other counties throughout Pennsylvania have already mailed their mail-in ballots for those voters who have requested them.  You might have requested a mail-in ballot through the internet or maybe during the last voting cycle in the Pennsylvania Primary Election when you checked off the box stating you wanted […]

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Medicare Open Enrollment Is Coming Soon


It is that time again – the time to remind anyone who wants to review or change their Medicare coverage that Medicare Open Enrollment is almost here.  If you are on a Medicare Advantage Plan or if you are on a Medicare Supplement but have prescription drug coverage under Medicare D, Medicare Open Enrollment is […]

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An Anxiety Reliever For Estate Documents – You Can Change Your Mind


Some years ago I had a client who announced it is impossible to plan because “things keep changing.”  Without missing a step I answered “because things keep changing we have to plan.”  The answer was instinctual.  That does not always mean everything has to be taken down on paper but many times it should be.  […]

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A Critical Stake Seniors Might Have In The 2020 Elections


Coming close to election day some matters of serious concern escape attention. One of these is what effect the outcome of the elections will have on seniors who constitute a major voting block and, as frequently stated, seniors tend to vote. Remember that voting affects not only the Presidential election but also a multitude of […]

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Is Vote By Mail Safe?


With the upcoming Presidential and General Election, questions have been floated whether Vote By Mail which has been expanded recently in Pennsylvania, is safe. Readers will be glad to know this method is safe and reliable and might even be more safe than voting in person. More on this later. Vote By Mail has actually […]

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Gifting Rules – Do I Owe Taxes If I Gift More Than $15,000


As we begin the last quarter of the year some taxpayers begin to question whether it would be smart to gift some of their estates to their children or others or to charities on the theory that it would leave less to be taxed on their death. They understand they have heard something about limiting […]

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Are Social Security and Medicare On The Chopping Block


Most of the time I try in columns to take what is referred to as a “balanced view” meaning there are reasonable arguments on both sides and the opposition needs to be considered.  When it comes to Social Security and Medicare, however, two programs dear to my heart that I deal with every day as […]

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What Can You Do If A Trust No Longer Works?


Estate planning using Wills in Pennsylvania is relatively simple, all things considered, and is the most common framework for most families and individuals.  However, sometimes those same individuals or families might feel a need for a trust.   The idea’s origin could come from reading an article or attending a program on trusts or from […]

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What To Do With An Executive Order On Relief


Last week, when it appeared negotiations between Democrats and Republicans were breaking down, the President issued an Executive Order and three memoranda with supposed relief for beleaguered individuals and families in the middle of what is likely the most serious financial and health care crisis of our time.  Several questions come to mind.  Is the […]

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Strategies for Income Uncertainty During Covid-19


Financial planning during normal times can be difficult enough.  In crisis and times of uncertainty such as those we are now experiencing, it can become even more challenging.  This applies both to individuals and families who have resources to weather the storm and those who struggle with greater odds and in ways they never did […]

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Moving During Covid-19


In times of crisis such as what we are experiencing now with Covid-19 when families are concerned regarding the safety of parents and adult children, they may want to combine family units.  It seems more of us are moving to be together.  Plans to move, long postponed, are given new life.  I see it with […]

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The “What If” Questions To Ask When Planning

What If Question To Ask When Planning

Over the years handling estate planning and working through financial plans with clients I have often thought “Now I have seen everything.”  Then in the next day or week I meet a new client or reconnect with a current one and find there really is no end to the twists and turns that life can […]

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When Is At Home Care Realistic For The Seriously Ill?


A few years ago I received a phone call at the office from a man with an unusual suggestion. He noted he was a stroke victim and confined to bed after hospitalization. He called me because he knew I am an elder law attorney. He stated he wanted to stay at home and suggested he […]

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