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Why You Need More to Retire Than You Think

Retirement Savings

Some people approach retirement planning like an extended math problem.  Frankly, many financial advisors do as well and with good reason.  There are so many “unknowables” that the only way to wrestle the decision to the ground is to make some general assumptions and then follow them down the line.  For instance, in no particular […]

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Why Smart People Don’t Recognize Financial Infidelity

Financial Infidelity

I have to admit I never recognized the term “financial infidelity” until recently but it does make sense. The expression recognizes the blindness many of us have in relationships to the spending habits of partners and the effect it has on our own finances. Take the case of a recently widowed or divorced individual who […]

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E-Mail Estate Misinformation – Problems and Answers

Lately it has come to my attention that the most current methods of communication today not only can lead to confusion and misunderstanding but also unnecessary dissension and inefficiency.  Twitter comes to mind but emails can be among the worst. It might seem this is not a problem for businesses or for attorneys but that […]

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What To Do When Inheriting a House

Inheriting a House

A recent article in Elder Law Answers,, an online publication for lawyers and clients, caught my attention mostly because it raised issues I had not thought of explaining in detail to clients.  The article was titled “When Inheriting Real Estate, Consider Your Options.”  Sometimes we as estate attorneys deal with  issues that are so […]

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Major Changes to IRAs and Retirement Plans In Effect Now

IRA and Retirement Account

The 2020 New Year brought with it major changes to IRA’s, 401(k)’s and retirement planning generally for millions of Americans.  The SECURE Act, also known as Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement Act, was one of the few noteworthy changes of 2019 in the financial services industry, passing the U.S. House and then the […]

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Clean Out – A New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions have a way of repeating themselves.  There are the healthy ones like the promise to exercise.  The recent Peloton commercials with one fit woman, and now, women and men furiously riding their exercise bikes fit that category. Then there are resolutions to be kinder or to spend less and earn more and […]

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