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Why Obamacare Is So Hard To Replace


Last month I wrote regarding one of the proposed Obamacare replacements recommended by Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.  See “Obamacare Replacement – A Blast From the Past, “ Daily Local News, January 17, 2017.  Ryan recommended State High Risk Pools for people with preexisting medical conditions, a strategy that had been tried previously without […]

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Parents and Children – the Money Dynamic

parent-adult child relations

Much of the furor over parent-adult child relations when it comes to money has focused on the adult child who receives funds from his or her parent.  Just as important is the reverse situation, parents who run out of funds.  It is not hard to see the causes.  As parents live longer and some of […]

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Consider a Letter of Intent For Valentine’s Day

estate planning - will and trusts

With Valentine’s Day arriving soon, one loving gift that parents could give their children is a Letter of Intent with their estate plans.  If life insurance is important so are your hopes and dreams for your child’s future.  Estate plans that consider children, especially disabled children raise questions that the average person might not encounter […]

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Do It Yourself Caregiving or Hire – What Are the Considerations?

Do It Yourself Caregiving or Hire

Deciding when or whether to give up doing tasks on your own or hiring someone or an agency employing someone to do it for you is one of the most unrecognized stressful activities that we are called upon to accomplish on a regular basis.  This becomes especially relevant when considering whether to hire caregivers for […]

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Manchester By the Sea Movie – Lessons for Planning Estates

Manchester by the Sea

From time to time I break from the usual serious elder law issues and engage in one of my favorite pursuits – reviewing movies.  Still I cannot separate what I do from what I see in movies.  I would bet that doctors have the same inclination.  I know my cousin, Pat, who is retired as […]

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Obamacare Replacement Only A Blast From the Past

Obamacare and Jeff Jeans

As President Elect Trump stands ready to take the oath of office as 45th President this Friday, the dialogue on Republicans’ long awaited repeal of Obamacare, President Obama’s signature health care legislation, has risen to a fever pitch.  You would have thought that, after six years and about 60 continuous votes to repeal the law, […]

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Mediation Is An Effective Tool For Elder Family Issues

About a year ago, an attorney colleague in New Jersey, Shirley Whitenack, Esq., authored an article on elder families and mediation that caught my attention. The article, “Mediation: A Possible Option for the Dispute Involving Your Client,” was published in NAELA News, a publication of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys to which I […]

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Moving Overseas? High Net Worth Community Takes Note

One of the listservs which I access,, recently published an article titled “In Trump’s America, a Second Passport May Be the Best HNW Insurance Plan.” For those not accustomed to the standard abbrieviations, HNW stands for High Net Worth. The article was subtitled, “if clients are motivated to leave the U.S., attractive new destinations […]

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