Clean Out – A New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions have a way of repeating themselves.  There are the healthy ones like the promise to exercise.  The recent Peloton commercials with one fit woman, and now, women and men furiously riding their exercise bikes fit that category. Then there are resolutions to be kinder or to spend less and earn more and […]

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Should You Tell Your Children Their Inheritances?


So, as you approach the New Year, you decided to take out your old Wills which were drafted when your children were toddlers and then to add to that new Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney and Living Wills or Advance Health Care Directives.  You make arrangements to visit your attorney and you decide […]

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Home From the Hospital – What Services Are Covered


You just arrived home from the hospital and were told some services could be covered by the Medicare program at your residence.  What are they and what other services that might not be covered by Medicare could still be helpful at home?  Here is a summary. OT, PT, and Home Health.  Occupational therapy (commonly referred […]

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HIPAA, Medical Privacy and Project Nightingale

HIPAA and Medical Privacy

The Wall Street Journal and several medical sources reported recently that Google and Ascension, a nonprofit considered to be the second largest health system in the U.S. have entered into a project “to collect and crunch the detailed personal-health information of millions of people across 21 states.”  See “Googles ‘Project Nightingale’ Gathers Personal Health Data […]

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Can Your Bank Refuse Your Power of Attorney?

Durable financial Power of Attorney

If you find it more difficult in recent years to have your Power of Attorney recognized by banks and financial institutions than previously, it might help to know some of the history behind both changes in the law and in attitude.  Under Act 95, a Power of Attorney law passed in 2014, substantial changes were […]

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Deal Kindly With Unequal Inheritances


When a parent is inclined to leave a child out of her Will, it can lead to unintended consequences.  Disinheriting one or more children is usually not recommended if for no other reason than continuing family discord after your death.  However, relationships are complicated and, if your intent is serious, before taking that step there […]

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Safety Questions When Deciding To Stay At Home


When asking healthy adults whether they would rather stay at home or move to a nursing home, the answer is obvious.  When residents of facilities are asked if they would like to come home, the answer is often the same.  Studies demonstrate that most people would rather stay home and “age in place.”  The exceptions […]

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Can Medicaid Take My Home?

Will Medicaid take my home if I need nursing home care? Well, I did deal with that a bit before but Medicaid does not take your home, certainly not during your lifetime and the nursing home does not take your home. But if you have a home that is sitting empty and you have bills […]

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How To Remain In Control When You Appoint a Power of Attorney


I am convinced that one reason clients can hesitate when deciding whether to appoint an agent under Power of Attorney is the fear of losing control.  That fear can be aggravated on realizing that most Powers of Attorney today take effect after signing both by the person giving the power and the one receiving it.  […]

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Paying for Nursing Home Care

Is it too late to do anything if my loved one is already in a nursing home? That is a common misconception. It is not too late to engage in planning if your spouse is in the nursing home. And it was a recent case in Pennsylvania that is what’s called the Third Circuit Court […]

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Chance to Make a Difference Comes to West Chester

Stop Polio

There are few times in life when we get the chance to make a difference that will continue on into the indefinite future.  Even fewer opportunities present themselves when average people can do it.  Eradicating a disease from the face of the earth entirely would be one of these chances.  It was done with smallpox. […]

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Medicaid Qualifications for Nursing Home Care

My spouse is in a nursing home and I need help paying for care. What will I have to live on if my spouse gets Medicaid? That’s one of the most common questions that we’re asked and especially I would say why I’ve so concerned that if their husband goes into a nursing home and […]

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Calculating Wealth For Retirement

Calculating Wealth For Retirement

The October, 2019 AARP Bulletin posted on its cover a somewhat controversial statement “Everything You Think About Saving for Retirement May Be Wrong” and follows it up with “Find Out Why On Page 8.”  The article itself raises some interesting points and, as with most summaries, there are “Rules” with which I agree and others […]

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Does It Make Financial Sense To Marry a Second Time

Second Marriage

Recognizing that average life expectancy has increased over time, the possibility that you might be considering marriage more than once in a lifetime also becomes more of a reality.  Many older clients faced with choices regarding late blooming relationships whether from death or divorce are confronted with a decision, should they remarry or should they […]

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It Is Medicare Open Enrollment Time Again – 2020 Version


You know it is Fall when you find Pumpkin Spice dog food and Pumpkin Spice Cheerios in the supermarket and then when you return home you open your mail to a new batch of solicitations for Medicare Advantage insurance plans. Yes, it is Medicare Open Enrollment time again and again it is time to review […]

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