How To Transition a Family Business

While family business owners often want to pass on their business to the next generation or, at least, to sell it for a handsome price to a willing, motivated and competent buyer, the reality is that it is not easy to transfer a business to the next generation or, for that matter, to another corporation […]

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Retire Without A Mortgage

Other than health care, one of the most substantial drains on retirement funds can be an outstanding mortgage.  Years ago when homes were less expensive and older adults rarely moved, mortgage issues were less common.  Today, mortgage debt among retirees seems more likely than in the past.  Here are some plans, some of which take […]

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Stan Lee Found Latest Victim of Elder Financial Abuse

Stan Leee

If you follow the Marvel comic strips and now their many incarnations in movies, the most recent one being one opening now, “AntMan and the Wasp,” you might recognize the name Stan Lee as co-creator who with Steve Ditko, fashioned such characters as Spider Man and the Incredible Hulk, and began it all. Steve Ditko […]

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Rotary Worldwide Meets and Inspires in Toronto

Toronto Rotary

After having attended more than my share of conferences and conventions on many subjects and causes I have to say I have never experienced any convention as organized and inspired as the 2018 Rotary International Convention that just wrapped up in Toronto, Canada on June 27. With 24,000 registrants from 175 counties, the organization came […]

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How To Avoid Power of Attorney Financial Abuse

Durable Power Of Attorney Health Care

One of the most common reasons seniors likely hesitate to sign a Power of Attorney appointing another person to act on their behalf is fear of loss of control and exploitation.  In this respect, as an elder law attorney, I admit some conflict.  On the one hand I have seen instances where an individual becomes […]

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How Much Does It Take To Be Rich

A recent article in Financial Advisor, an on-line magazine targeting financial planners, attracted my attention with its title “Here’s How Much Money You Need for Bankers To Think You’re Rich,” The article authored by Suzanne Wooley and cited back to Bloomberg News, was intriguing especially since I had heard informally that bankers value a […]

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What Happens to Medicare When You Travel Overseas

As seniors venture overseas whether for recreation or new living arrangements, a key question to ask is what benefits travel with them.  While Social Security benefits follow Americans to other countries, basic Medicare likely will not and seniors may need to be prepared for alternate arrangements. In a recent on-line article from Elder Law Answers […]

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Pennsylvania – It’s Time to Vote -Primary Election Time

Time To Vote

About this time of year I tend to put on my hat as a former high school social studies teacher and wade into the fray. One reason might be that I think not enough information is disseminated regarding what is happening and the differences among candidates but another is just plain curiosity. As in so […]

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Is Age A State of Mind?

Age a state of mind

Recently, when I took my nine year old miniature Schnauzer, Mario, in to the vet for a routine checkup and follow up on shots I was handed a plastic envelope with a green band filled with printed materials. When I asked what it was I was told my treasured dog had, by reason of his […]

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What Happens Without a Will

Without a Will?

Consumers are constantly told by financial planners and others that they must have a Will.  So, it would not be unusual to ask “what happens if I do not have a Will.”  The answer is, as with so many planning questions, “it depends.” If you have no assets titled in your own name and everything, […]

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Barbara Bush – A Lesson On Comfort Care

When word was released recently that Barbara Bush, wife of former President George H. W. Bush and mother of former President George W. Bush, was seriously ill and opted for “comfort care,” discussion arose regarding the meaning and uses of comfort care for end of life measures. Barbara Bush was suffering from congestive heart failure […]

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Medical Bills – New Developments

Years ago I remember sitting with a representative of a hospital billing department trying to determine the meaning of medical bills regarding a family member’s treatment. One aspect that was especially odd was that, for the same treatment, an infusion, the bill to us could be $200 or it could be $2,000. How could there […]

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Plan Early But Keep Changing the Plan to Age Well

Many of the plans our office handles are what we call “crisis plans.” While crisis planning may seem a contradiction in terms the thought being that, if there had been planning there would not be a crisis, this is not necessarily so. Stuff happens. Plans change. After thinking through a well considered plan for future […]

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A Social Security Representative Payee -Not the Same As Power of Attorney

social security benefits

If you are caring for an elderly parent who is no longer able to handle his or her finances or you are handling Social Security funds for your minor child who is entitled to benefits because of disability, the death of your spouse, or your reaching full retirement age or otherwise becoming eligible for Social […]

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Advice on Loans From Parents and Grandparents

Parental Loans - Advice

If you have saved over the years and even if you have only a few thousand in the bank above your living expenses, you might at some point be approached by an adult child or college aged grandchild for a loan or, what sometimes might be even more dangerous, cosigning on a loan or credit […]

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