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Esquire, Colliton Law Associates, P.C. Janet Colliton has practiced law for over 38 years, 37 of them in Chester County, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. Her practice, Colliton Law Associates, PC, is limited to elder law, Medicaid, including advice, applications and appeals, and other benefits planning including Veterans benefits, life care and special needs planning, guardianships, retirement, and estate planning and administration.

Can Children Be Responsible For Their Parents’ Bills

When parents enter a nursing home or assisted living, adult children are often confused regarding their responsibilities.  Does it matter whether one of them signs Dad in and is considered a “responsible party?”  How about signing as “indemnitor?”  Is it safe to be agent under power of attorney and does biological relationship alone bring with [...]

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Do It Yourself Caregiving or Hire Decision Time

Deciding when or whether to give up doing tasks on your own or hiring someone or an agency employing someone  to do it for you is one of the most unrecognized stressful activities that we are called upon to accomplish on a regular basis.  This becomes especially relevant when considering whether to hire caregivers for [...]

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Is the Better Care Reconciliation Act Better?

This column, written in advance, has the task of appearing on July 4, Independence Day.  Coming from Philadelphia which has quite a history of involvement with American independence, I wonder whether our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) could have conceived we would be spending this time in the year 2017 wrangling over health care.  Probably not.  [...]

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Turning 65? –Clearing Up Confusion on Social Security and Medicare

Retirement used to be simpler.  At age 65 you would generally start collecting Social Security and also begin to be insured under Medicare.  It was the frequently accepted retirement date from your job and, with your gold watch and farewell party, everything was set. Today Boomers might decide to begin collecting Social Security at 62 [...]

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What You Need To Know When a Family Member Dies

When you are dealing with illness and grief the chances are that you may not be able to pull together what to do when your husband, wife, parent or sibling dies.  You might look for a Will or the location of bank accounts but decisions likely pass in a blur. This column is to help [...]

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Six Tips To Avoid Power of Attorney Financial Abuse

One of the most common reasons seniors likely hesitate to sign a Power of Attorney appointing another person to act on their behalf is fear of loss of control and exploitation.  In this respect, as an elder law attorney, I admit some conflict.  On the one hand I have seen instances where an individual becomes [...]

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Why Elder Law Attorneys and Financial Planners Should Work Together

A few years back a client unexpectedly stated during a meeting “I can’t plan.  Things keep changing.” Almost instinctively I answered “Because things keep changing you must plan.” This idea has inspired me ever since.  If we think about it, if nothing changed there would be little or no need for a plan.  If we [...]

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Medicaid Block Grant Proposal Cause For Concern

With all the health care language proposed in the now possibly resurrected American Health Care Act from the Trump administration and its allies it is easy to miss some basic ideas and tune out.  One of these ideas is to “block grant” the Medicaid program.  The significance could be easily missed. Here is a simple [...]

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Hospital Observation Status, Medical Bills and the NOTICE Act

For the past few years I have been writing about a continuing problem for hospitalizations and insurance.  For Medicare recipients who are hospitalized, one crucial question has been whether that trip to the hospital will be covered and, if so, whether Medicare A or Medicare B will pay.  It makes a difference. On March 8, [...]

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American Health Care Act Redux

On March 14, 2017, I wrote a column explaining the then proposed American Health Care Act would result in many Americans being uninsured.  A redrafted bill, now passed by the House of Representatives with no support from Democrats would also have the same result but worse.  The majority of Republicans voted in favor but locally [...]

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